Google IO session videos hit the lights


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The Google’s Input / Output annual 2012 conference took place in San Francisco during 27-28 of June. Many developers around the globe were present there and the main topics of their discussion were several matters about Android platform, Chrome, Cloud services, Youtube and Google+.

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 Fortunately, Google have taken care in for the rest of us who couldn’t be there. We can watch what actually happened in there through session videos made available online by Google. These videos are for everyone who wants to delve into how things work for Google and their services. You don’t have to be a developer to watch an Android or Chrome session but just curious enough about new platform and products.

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 So if you are interested to listen what developers think about their apps or educate yourselves upon specific areas and learn from the deep ground how things work, then grab a cup of coffee and click to the buttons bellow to watch the session videos.

Day 1 Day 2 Day 3

Notice that some videos are currently uploading,  so please be patient if your video is not available at the moment.