Five Reasons Why you should use Linux instead of Windows in this Crisis


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Five reasons Why you should use Linux instead of Windows in this crisis

In my opinion we should use Linux if we want to save money. Using other operating systems than Linux will add more costs, while we are in need to save money.

1- Price : Linux is free and is available for download everywhere on the net, there are many stable and powerfull distributions available, like Ubuntu, Mandriva

2- Upgradeability : The core of the Linux operating system is free and is updated constantly with new features and support for new hardware.

3- Security : Linux is more secure than windows, no viruses this mean no need to an antivirus, so no costs.

4- Customization : There are thousands of applications, applets, software, etc. and all is for free (opensource softwares).

5- Support : Forums everywhere on the net that can help you to install linux, software support, help resolving issues …. and always for free

Now, tell me, you still want to spend money while you can save it for other things ?

Choose your distribition here and start saving money