Five Nice extensions for 3.x is the leading open-source open software suite for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, openoffice_logographics, databases and more.  You can adjust openoffice to your needs by adding more functionality with the help of extensions. Find bellow five useful extensions for openoffice with installation guide.

1-  MultiCloud File Manager

This extension allows you to access and save files to a number of different cloud storage providers via

Cloud Providers supported are:

– Amazon S3
– RackSpace Cloud Files
– MobileMe
– Gmail (using Gmail as a storage cloud)

– GMail Apps Email
– Email (using IMAP or POP 3 based email accounts as a storage cloud)
– FTP (using FTP as a storage cloud)
– WebDav (any WebDav enabled storage cloud)
– Microsoft Live SkyDrive
– Microsoft Live Mesh
– Google Docs


2-Convert Text To Number (and date)

ConvertTextToNumber replaces numbers and dates, formatted as text, with real numbers.
Choices can be made about marking of cells, including cells with non- default decimal separators, conversion of dates, and more.

As a result of the conversion, the text cells will become real numbers, and then will be counted in formulas Calc.
Calc does not use numbers formatted as text. Other spreadsheet programs may well do that in certain circumstances.
This extension adds the tool bar ‘CT2N’ to Calc only. The screen shot shows it all.

3- accentuate

A macro to facilitate the use of accented and special characters or symbols.

It works in OpenOffice Writer so is available for all text documents. It’s indispensable if you write in more than one language, and invaluable even if you work only in English (as long as you would like to be able to write résumé or Götterdämmerung or Łódź or use «» or ± or °C in your work without struggling to insert the non-English characters).

There are currently around 180 characters available through a single shortcut key, covering most European languages using a Latin alphabet, and including such oddities as the Turkish dotless ı and the Spanish upside down question mark ¿ and the German double-s ß and the Icelandic thorn Þ and so on. The latest version also includes most upper and lower case Greek letters, and some common mathematical symbols.

4- Alba

Alba is an extension for OOo Writer. It simplifies work with documents, containing pages with different layouts. The window with options for inserting pages with a landscape or portrait layout opens after choosing menu item “Insert” – “Landscape/Portrait…” This extension creates pages with styles “_style_ L_Alba” (for landscape pages) and “_style_ P_Alba” (for portrait pages) and manages them.
Note that “section” in Alba is not “section” in OOo – “section” here is one or few pages between 2 page breaks where page style changes. If document has not page breaks – whole document will be a “section”.

5- Alternative dialog Find & Replace for Writer

  • Fast selection preset regular and extended expressions
  • Searched or replaced text can contain one or more paragraphs
  • Search out block of paragraphs delimited by two text marks
  • Multiple search and replacement in one step
  • Searching: Notes, Text fields, Cross-references and Reference marks to their content, name or mark and their inserting
  • Searching and inserting Footnote and Endnote (from version OOo 2.3 only). It is possible to select at once texts of all footnotes or endnotes and to assign them any style
  • Searching object of Tables, Pictures and Text frames according to their name; it is possible to substitute them by any text, etc.
  • Changing into found or replaced text: paragraph style, character style, list style and Hyperlink’s URL and set properties
  • Inserting and replacement: clipboard contents, insert replacement counter and page number
  • Hexadecimal also decimal submission character for search and replaced
  • Searching out manual page and column break and their set up or deactivation
  • Searching similarly or the same manually formatted part of text, according to cursor point
  • Count found occurrences
  • Redirecting result of replacing expression to the other text file
  • Batch mode: saving and loading of search and replacement parameters; it is possible to save several searching and replacing subsequently to the single sequence and that whole quickly execute after
  • Self dialogue for quick assignment of key shortcut to batches
  • Preserve capitalization – If found text begins with a capital letter, also the text replacement will begin with a capital letter
  • Searching for paragraph, character and list style; possibility to choose a style from the menu
  • Built-in help (
  • Language: English, Czech, Russian, Spanish, German, French, Dutch, Italian


Installation instructions

To install the openoffice extensions you have to open openoffice and go to Tools → Extension manager

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