Five best download managers for Linux

The typical download manager at a minimum provides means to recover from errors without losing the work already completed, and can optionally split the file to be downloaded (or uploaded) into 2 or more segments, which are then moved in parallel, potentially making the process faster within the limits of the available bandwidth. So what is the perfect download manager i should use in Linux ?


Bellow I  listed  5 download managers for Gnome

Gwget (frontend to wget) :

-Gwget it’s a download manager for the Gnome Desktop. The main features are:

-Resume: By default, gwget tries to continue any download.

-Notification: Gwget tries to use the Gnome notification area support, if available. You can close the main window and gwget runs in the background.

-Recursivity: Gwget detects when you put a html, php, asp or a web page dir in the url to download, and ask you to only download certain files (multimedia, only the index, and so on).

-Drag & Drop: You can d&d a url to the main gwget window or the notification area icon to add a new download.Firefox

– Extension: Fireget

Latest version :18 Jun 2009. Gwget 1.0.2 Download: [ tgz ] [ bz2 ]

install in ubuntu :

sud apt-get install gwget

Fedora :

yum install gwget


MultiGet :

MultiGet is an easy-to-use GUI file downloader for Linux also support windows and Mac operating systems, It supports HTTP/FTP protocols which covers the requirements of most users. It supports multi-task with multi-thread on multi-server. It supports resuming downloads if the Web server supports it, and if you like, you can reconfig the thread number without stopping the current task. It’s also support SOCKS 4,4a,5 proxy, ftp proxy, http proxy.

You can download it from this link

To install it in Ubuntu :

sudo apt-get install MultiGet

Fedora :

yum install MultiGet

Mandriva :

urpmi MultiGet

FlashGot (Firefox addon):

FlashGot, the best Firefox download manager integration, you can download all the links, movies and audio clips of a page at the maximum speed with a single click, using the most popular, lightweight and reliable external download managers.




 Downloader For X

Downloader For X (or simply D4X) is a download manager/accelerator for Unix-like systems. It is open source software released under the Artistic licence. It can pause and restart downloads at any time, and utilises both the HTTP and FTP protocols. It can limit download speeds to free bandwidth for other uses.


wxDownload :


wxDownload Fast (also known as wxDFast) is an open source download manager. It is multi-platform and builds on Windows(2k,XP), Linux and Mac OS X(binary still not available). Besides that, it is a multi-threaded download manager. This means that it can split a file into several
pieces and download the pieces simultaneously.


  • Faster downloads (with Segmented/Multi-threaded/Accelerated transfers)

  • Download resuming (Pause and restart where you stopped)

  • Download scheduling

  • Organizes files you have already downloaded

  • View server messages (HTTP, FTP, file://). No HTTPS support.

  • Available in multiple languages and easily translated. Now available in Portuguese [Brazil], Spanish, English, German, Russian, Hungarian, Armenian, Indonesian and Dutch

  • Connection to HTTP/FTP servers which require a password

  • Calculates the MD5/SHA1 checksum of downloaded files so they can be easily verified

  • Metalink support

  • Firefox integration through FlashGot

  • Can be used as a portable download manager (Windows only)

  • Can be used over proxy servers(HTTP proxy support)



  • styluss

    Do any of these downloaders can download from multiple mirrors?

  • zinovsky

    yes they can download from Multi mirrors. :)

  • JP

    Personally I really like this one and it’s integration with Firefox:

  • anon
  • Ant Bryan

    DTA, KGet, aria2, and GGet –

  • Anonymous

    jdownloader rocks, although it is sometimes harsh on resources. it has support for a majority of those file hosting services and that makes life easier.

  • Rajeesh

    Well, you missed Prozilla. The best one I ever saw.

  • Techless

    I am using the firefox addson , “downthemall” , i feel it is good…….

  • avcutie

    I personally favor DownTheAll add-on for Firefox.

  • wonder7

    You can try out flareGet, which is the fastest download manager for Linux.

  • shahab

    I use fatrat, it’s awesome.

  • Ade Malsasa Akbar

    But if Fatrat can’t configured behind passworded proxy, it is useless. I have tried it. Now uget i my choice because proxy capability :)

  • James Joseph

    Unix men to the rescue! Super article, just what I was looking for.
    MultiGet Roxx, thank you :)

  • Sirajul

    flareget free version is great support Windows and most of the Linux platforms including Arch Linux, Debian, Fedora, etc