FFmpeg 0.5.1 is released!

FFmpeg 0.5.1 is released,  This release fixes security, packaging and licensing issues for FFmpeg 0.5, but it is a maintenance only release; no new codecs, formats or other feature are being introduced. The full details are spelled out in the the release notes and changelog.

There have been security fixes for the ASF, Ogg and MOV/MP4 demuxers as well as the FFv1, H.264, HuffYUV, MLP, MPEG audio and Snow decoders. libswscale can now be compiled in LGPL mode, albeit with x86 optimizations disabled. Some non-free bits in a test program were replaced. The AC-3 decoder is now completely LGPL. AMR-NB/WB support is now possible in free software through the OpenCORE libraries.

To help packagers, the x264 glue code was updated to work with newer versions and symbol versioning was backported, as was the lock management API. The symbol versioning change is enabled on platforms that support it. This allows users to upgrade from 0.5.1 to the upcoming 0.6 release without having to recompile their applications. While this release is both API and ABI compatible with 0.5, please note that distributors have to recompile applications against 0.5.1 in order to make seamless upgrades to 0.6 possible.

Release Note  :

– build system updates
– documentation updates
– fix for GPL code in libswscale that was erroneously activated
– AltiVec code in libswscale is now LGPL
– remaining GPL parts in AC-3 decoder converted to LGPL
– (L)GPL license upgrade support
– AMR-NB decoding/encoding, AMR-WB decoding via OpenCORE libraries
– enable symbol versioning by default for linkers that support it
– backport av_lockmgr_register(), see doc/APIchanges for details
– security fixes for:
– ASF, Ogg and MOV demuxers
– FFv1, H.264, HuffYUV, MLP, MPEG audio and Snow decoders

Download the lastest version of ffmpeg

usefull links : http://www.ffmpeg.org/

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