Fedora14 'Laughlin' screenshots tour

Fedora 14 linux distribution code named  ‘Laughlin’ is out. This new release comes with many new features and improvements for developers, system administrators and open source enthusiasts. if you are already a fedora user and you want to upgrade to this new release, please check our previous post. Find in this post screenshots for Fedora14, also installation steps for newbies(screenshots).


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  • Thai Dang Vu

    In the first screenshot (http://s671.photobucket.com/albums/vv77/ZINOVSKY/Fedora14-New/ScreenShot037.png) your machine has only 1.1GB of memory (i.e. it likely runs a 32-bit Laughlin) and there are only 2 applications running: System Monitor & Disk Usage Analyzer, but 439MB of memory are used! Why’s that?

  • Pirat9

    Because its a virtual Machine :)

  • http://http://wehostingreview.info anehra63 ashish

    Nice one bro keep it up