Enchance aMSN with nice skins and Plugins

aMSN is an instant messaging client for the MSN network. It was originally a clone of the Windows MSN Messenger program.
That means it has the same look and feel as it’s Windows counterpart. Since then aMSN has evolved into a more mature client, and has crafted it’s own look and feel, as well as it’s own set of features.
Amsn come with many features, but always you can enchance it by adding more plugins and you can also change the look by adding new skins.

I will give an example of some plugins and skins and will show you how to install/activate them (With screenshots for newbies)


Plugins for aMSN :


Here are an exemple of some nice plugins :

aMSN plus !

aMSN extension similar to MSN Plus !

Download aMSN Plus!

Music :

Music plugin compatible with iTunes for Mac, many players for Linux and Winamp. Show current playing song in nickname and show/send current playing song from the chatwindow.


You can find more plugins for aMSN in this link :

List of Plugins for aMSN

Skins for aMSN :

There are many nice skins for amsn, you can find the complete list in this link : List of skins for aMSN

I think most wanted skin for amsn by people that just did migrate from windows to linux  is Windows live msn skin,

Download this Skin

You can find on the skin list , skins for msn windows 7 and the one of Windows msn vista , skins of mac ,ubuntu and more

Installation of skins and Plugins :

To install skins and plugins follow the steps bellow :

1- Download the skin or the plugin you want

2- Usualy amsn is installed into the /home/username directory or under /usr/share/amsn/plugins,

so first before to extract open your /home/username directory and go to View–>Show Hidden files (see Screenshot bellow)

3- Now extract the plugin to /home/username  .amsn/plugin and for the skins to .amsn/skins

4- Now open aMSN and activate the skin or the plugins

Open amsn and go to Account —> Select Skin if you want to activate new skin

For plugins go to Account–>Selct Plugins

Then select the plugin and click load, the plugin color will be bleu when it is activated, the same you will have to do to load a skin

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