Element- A linux OS for Home theater and Media center computers

Element is a free operating system for Home Theater and Media Center Personal Computers, featuring an innovative across the room ‘ten-foot interface’ that is designed to be connected to your HDTV for a digital media and internet experience within the comforts of your own living room or lounge. Element comes stacked with the software needed to stream all kinds of web content and manage your own music, videos, and photos.


The latest release is Element 1.2 , this version includes general package upgrades and upstream bug fixes to the application stack in addition to introducing three new utilities: E-Bar Editor – a minimal and to-the-point configuration editor for the central launcher bar; NVIDIA HDMI Audio Switch – a simple on/off switch that channels audio through the HDMI port on ION and 8X00 series cards; Update Manager – a fork of the standard Update Manager from Ubuntu and GNOME, packaged and configured for use on Element with distribution upgrade options omitted. Other important features and requests include the addition of Thunar file sharing plugins, easier Bluetooth setup, removal of Compiz window effects, and an optimized package list.(Read the announcement)

The installation of Element require a minimum hardware of :

Minimum System Requirements
Processor Speed : 1.0 GHZ
RAM/Memory: 512 MB
Free HDD Space: 10 GB
Video: Means to connect
your PC to a HDTV
(HDMI, S-Video, etc)

Download Element 1.2

Here are some screenshots of the new version of Element 1.2


For password use rname: element  password : leave it empty

element OS

Nvidia HDMI Audio switch one of the new utilities in the new release of Element 1.2

Usefull Links : http://elementmypc.com http://www.distrowatch.com

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