EasyPeasy 1.6 for Netbooks is out ! Screenshots Tour

EasyPeasy 1.6. is released, the new version comes with many new features : new boot system and new boot artwork (uses Plymouth); 25% faster boot; sports full removal of the HAL package, making EasyPeasy faster to boot and faster to resume from suspend; brand new interface; built in integration with Twitter, identi.ca, Facebook, and other social networks with the



MeMenu in the panel; Likewise Open, which provides Active Directory authentication and server support for Linux, has been updated to version 5.4; new default open source-driver for NVIDIA hardware; improved support for NVIDIA proprietary graphics drivers; all packages are upgraded.

Download EasyPeasy 1.6

Here are some screen shots from the new version

To install easypeasy, download and run the live cd and click on the icon “Install easypeasy 1.6”, then follow the steps as described bellow

Useful Links : http://www.distrowatch.com , http://www.geteasypeasy.com

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