Debian -Easy Kernel upgrade with easyk

Easy Kernel is a program that loads the latest versions available on the, all you need is to identify the version and click OK and leave the program to prepare everything


Task of the program looks like this:


– Free software and tools necessary to work without user intervention
– Download the version specified by the user of the Internet in any way, either bz2 or gz
– Unzip and copy to the course of action while maintaining version Almazgoth
– Preparation of the Config file automatically without any user intervention
– Control to show the settings menu of the kernel or not
– Issuing the report contained errors occur
– Business configuration depending on the number of processors on the computer to speed up the initialization
– Add the new kernel to the list of Grub taking a backup copy of an old
– Program its size is very small only 36KB

– Do not close the program regardless of the long period, because, as reported to prepare everything from the A to the Z
– Working on the family of Debian
– The program is in the following path System -> Administration
– Must be connected to the Internet
– If you suspect something with the program you can run the programm with this

 gksu /usr/share/easy_kernel/easykernel.rb  


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