Download Youtube videos from command line

Do you like to download youtube video easy way ? Now under debian and ubuntu using  a magic command, you will be able  to download the movies easy way  from youtube website.

Follow the steps bellow to see how to do this .

first we have to isntall youtube tool downloader with

unixmen@unixmen-desktop:~$ sudo apt-get  install youtube-dl

now browse the website and download the link of your movie with , in my exampel i have downloded some videos of Call of Duty 5

to  Download  hight  Quality  Video   add  option -b  like  :

youtube-dl  -b

Output :

[1] 7271
unixmen@unixmen-desktop:~/Download/amarok-webui$ Retrieving video webpage... done.
Extracting URL "t" parameter... done.
Requesting video file... done.
Video data found at
Retrieving video data: 100.0% ( 4.97M of 4.97M) at 283.02k/s ETA 00:00 done.
Video data saved to d2ObtqZu8Nw.flv
[1]+ Done youtube-dl

you can open the file with VLC of winFF

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