Determine Your Specifications from Command-Line

Determine Your Specifications from Command-Line

We recently published article about how to determine your computer’s architecture via GUI. Today am going to show how to do the same thing from the command-line with more advanced options in viewing the computer hardware properties as well.

Checking computer hardware properties from the commandline can be done using the following commands.

The commands below give you more information about your computer hardware ranging from Architecture, Number of CPU(s), Vendor ID, CPU family, CPU MHz, etc.

This command gives you a very simple summary about the CPU:

$ lscpu


And this:

$ less /proc/cpuinfo


The next command displays a very long list with a detailed properties of the computer and any other hardware connected to it:

$ lshw  


$ dmidecode


You can be the root user to run the commands above for better details. Also for convenience sake, you can use $ lshw |less and $dmidecode |less

  • Honeyman

    Maybe it should be mentioned that lscpu, lshw and dmidecode are not necessarily installed by default. I do not know about Ubuntu but on Debian, AntiX and Sabayon Linux they are not. The command cat /proc/cpuinfo works of course “out of the box”. In case you are not sure whether your CPU is 32 or 64 bit, run ‘arch’. The output is foolproof. :-p

  • Enock Seth

    OK. lscpu, lshw and dmidecode are installed by default on Ubuntu 13.04 :)