Debian Lenny ATI HD 3450 AGP Ati proprietary drivers


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This guide will show you how to install on Debian Lenny proprietary drivers for ATI HD 3450 AGP Ati

The packaging scripts for Catalyst drivers 9.1 and 9.2 seem to be broken on Debian Lenny, and as of 9.2, Debian Etch as well.

The quick fix we found for Mepis 8 is to use the SGFXI script from SMXI with the force command..

Installation and configuration on Debian Pure should be identical to Mepis 8.

1 : start from ground zero. You want all of the previous driver information and install files to be gone, and you want to be on the VESA driver. If you have to, reinstall while keeping your /home directory.

2 : open up your terminal and switch to root

3 : copy this command into the terminal :

cd /usr/local/bin && wget -Nc && unzip

you should get a download and unzip message.

4 : enter the command :

telinit 3

This should kill X and put you at the command prompt.

5 : login as root

If you haven’t done it since you installed, now is a good time to do an apt-get update

6 : type the command :


sgfxi -f

7 : hit enter at all the prompts.

When you finish, reboot or start X, and the driver should be loaded properly.