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Danger from the deep is nice open source submarine sumilator game. According to their website “Danger from the Deep (known as dangerdeep or DftD) is a free (as in free speech), Open Source World War II german submarine simulator. The program and source code is available under the GPL license and most of the artwork/data is released under a Creative Commons license (Attribution/NonCommercial/Non-Derivative works).

DftD is currently being developed on Linux (i386 and AMD64) and Windows. There are binarys available for Linux (i386 and amd64), Windows (32bit) and there are some old packages for MacOSX. Danger from the Deep makes use of SDL/OpenGL and thus should be portable to other operating systems or platforms.'”



The binary installer runs most things by itself, but as is the usual way with these things, you need to flag it as executable. If you’re running this through a file manager, you probably need to right-click and choose executable in whatever properties section is available, but I’ll leave this part up to you. For those who prefer to run things from the command line, you can flag it as executable with the following:

– For Ubuntu:

Open terminal and enter the following commands:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:aegirxx-googlemail/dftd-latest
 sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install dangerdeep-latest

To run the game type the command :

$ dangerdeep

– For other Linux Distributions:

First download the .Bin package from this link, now open terminal and cd the folder where you downloaded the file and make it executable using the following command:

$ chmod u+x dangerdeep-0.3.0-linux-installer.bin

Then, run the installer with:

$ ./dangerdeep-0.3.0-linux-installer.bin


The installer will go through the usual Next, Next, Next…Finish process, and once it’s done, you can run the game with:

$ dangerdeep


Mote that because this game is currently in alpha stage, the number of gaming options are limited. Nevertheless, several kinds of missions are available in single-player mode. For those wanting something to blast at from the get-go, try Historical Mission first under the menu Play single mission.

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Useful Links: sourceforge  ,linuxjournal

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