Create your own VLC skin with VLC media player Skin Editor

There exists a program that enables you to create skins without any deep knowledge how skins are made up exactly.The VLC Skin Editor aims at giving designers an easy opportunity to create skins for the VLC Media Player. Until now skin designers had to have knowledge of the VLC Skins2 XML System to create their skins. Now they have an easy alternative: The WYSIWYG VLC Skin Editor.

Now before to start we need first to download the file from the link bellow:

Then create a folder and extract the tar.gz file to it :

tar -xvf VLCSkinEditor_unix.tar.gz

Now open terminal and go to the folder where you extracted the file the type the command :

java -jar VLCSkinEditor.jar

Now you can start to create a new skin or you can edit an existing skin, you can download for example a skin from this collection and edit it the way you want :)

If you need to read more about this program please see skin2 documentation

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