Create your own online radio with shoutcast streaming server|Linux|

SHOUTcast is server software for streaming media developed by Nullsoft. It allows digital audio content, primarily in MP3 or HE-AAC format, to be broadcast to and from media player software, enabling hobbyists and professionals to create Internet radio networks. At least one streaming system, Icecast, licensed under the GPL exists. With SHOUTcast server you can create your own online radio, for example record a program with your voice and save it as mp3, then set it to run after 3 songs. You can also set a message from you to your listners ( The message has to be recorded in advance and saved as mp3), or to set record a message between every song, so you will have a real radio station online :)

1. Download shoutcast files to server and then extract them ( You can always download the file manualy from this link ) :


  • Download the command bellow to download the SHOUTcast files :
  • Extract the tar file using the command :
tar -zxvf sc_serv_1.9.8_Linux.tar.gz

2- Now rename folder :

 mv sc_serv_1.9.8_Linux   shoutcast

3- Always on the terminal, open and edit the file
config sc_serv.conf

gedit sc_serv.conf 

4- Now in the config sc_serv.conf file you can set maxuser, password , port


Remember that the maxuser depend of your connexion upload speed and of the quality of streaming ( kb/s )

So you need to have a cable or DSL connection, 56K can cut it but only 1 or 2 people MAX. The higher upload speed, the better!

Remove the ; infront of adminpassword and set a password

Then save and exit.

7. Start the server using the command :

 ./sc_serv sc_serv.conf

8- Now the server is on, you need to broadcast your music :

On the website of shoutcast they said that you can just broadcoast from using Winmap and SHOUTcast DSP plugin

Broadcasters need to use Winamp and the SHOUTcast DSP Plugin for Winamp. There is no current solution for broadcasting from Unix or Macintosh.

9 Now peoples can listen to your online radio on the adress bellow :

http://(your ip address):8000/listen.pls

If you have a website or a blog you can forward the link bellow to http://yourwebsite/radio and then put a link on the frontpage -Listen Online Radio –

All your questions regarding streaming you can find an answer in this link

Usefull links :

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