Linux Mint Not To Switch To Unity

LinuxMint is one of the most polished GNU/Linux distros based on Ubuntu. Canonical recently announced that they are abandoning the upcoming Gnome Shell and move to Unity along with a long-term plan to replace X with Wayland. This raises the question, what will happen to Linux Mint which is an Ubuntu derivative?


Clement Lefebvre, Linux Mint, told Muktware, “We’re not planning to switch to Unity but to keep our desktop as similar as it is at the moment. So it’s hard to say how we’ll achieve this technically but we’re aiming at using Gnome without Gnome Shell :)”

This is good news for Gnome fans, who neither wanted the new Gnome Shell or Unity.

When asked about Wayland, Lefebvre said, “… it’s an interesting project. Ubuntu isn’t going to switch to it this year and we’ll see future releases keep X for now. The backing of canonical behind this project could bring it up to speed as a really interesting alternative and a good successor to X, just as it could make it something that only suits Ubuntu itself.. the future will tell. For now we’re sticking with X with no plans to change, but we’ll keep an eye on the development of Wayland and see where it’s going in the near future.”

Lefebvre concluded, “Anyway, it’s too soon to talk about this. Mint 10 is about to be released, and Mint 11 will come with the same desktop and the same X server in about 6 months time.”

Are you a Mint user — what would you prefer: Unity or Gnome Shell?

[Via muktware]