Convert .DAA files to .ISO in Linux with Poweriso

PowerISO for Linux is a free utility which can extract, list, and convert image files (including ISO, BIN, DAA, and other formats).

You can download Poweriso from this link. You can also download and extract Poweriso via command line, to do that open terminal and copy the commands bellow :


Now extract the file

tar -zxvf poweriso-1.3.tar.gz

you  can copy  the extracted file “poweriso”; to /usr/bin  to  help all users of a computer to user  it.

Now if you want to convert for example a .daa file to .iso use this command:

./poweriso convert /path/to/source.daa -o /path/to/target.iso -ot iso

(Change source.daa and target.iso to the name of your file you want to convert)

there is   more  useful  commands  of  poweriso

Task: list all files and directories in  home  direcory of /media/file.iso

$ ./poweriso list /media/file.iso /
$ ./poweriso list /media/file.iso / -r

Fore  more  commands  please  type

 ./poweriso  -?

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