Configure Ubuntu 9.10 behind a proxy

This tutorial show you how to configure firefox, synaptic package manager, apt-get , and network to work properly behind a proxy in Ubuntu 9.10 karmic koala


I-Use FireFox Browser Behind a Proxy


Open your Firefox , goto Edit > Preferences


No go to advanced >network>Settings

in the manual proxy insert the proxy server and port

Now ok and restart your Firefox to check if your can browse Internet :)


II-Configure Synaptic Package Manager Behind a Proxy

In the Gnome Panel go to System > administration> Synaptic Package manager > Preferences> Network

In the Autentication you can insert the user and password if that needed .

Now reload your Synaptic pakcgae manager and check if you can instaal some packages

III-Configure your apt-get to get updated and install from shell

edit this file with sudo /etc/bash.bashrc with (Vi nano or gedit)

and add

export http_proxy=http://username:pass@host:port/

export ftp_proxy=http://username:pass@host:port/

to apply this fonction aan reboot is needed . then :

IV-Configure the network Proxy

in the gnome pane go to System > prefences>Network Proxy , use the same proxy for all protocols and insert the proxy host, the port ,

in the details you can use it for authentication (user and password)


Now you are ready to use the proxy server sucessfully , please enjoy with Linuxmen team and any comment or question via Forum.


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