Collection of themes for Gnome and Ubuntu- Octobre I-

Here is a nice collection of themes for Gnome and ubuntu, some themes were  updated and somes you will see them for the first time

1- Moka :


Download Moka Theme :

2- Grey and Green

Grey and Green is a rather simple GTK theme.The caption style is a Metacity theme by “masz”, the rest is a matter of color settings making a theme that balances between being “fresh & fruity” and being “relaxed” enough for use in a working environment.

Download Grey & Green Theme :

3- Transparency

Download Transparency Theme :

4- Mint Vista

Download Mint Vista Theme :

5- CopperDeck

So what is CopperDeck? CopperDeck was originally a windowblinds theme created by Treetog, now in its second carnation it has become one of their most prominent themes with over 500,000 downloads! I decided to have a go at creating a port for gnome and this is the result.

Download CopperDeck theme :



6- Catartica :

Download Catartica theme :



7- Azenis Red

Download Azenis Red theme :

You can find more nice themes in the link bellow :

Links :


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  • http://Thescreensho0tofthethemebelongtohisauthor zinovsky

    The theme and the screenshot of the theme belong to the author of the theme :)