Complete collection of new wallpapers to be included in Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat

 The collection of wallpapers that will be included in the upcoming ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat has been selected. If you are using the testing release of  ubuntu 10.10 you may notice that after updating your system you will have a new default  and a collection of 17 new wallpapers.

New Ubuntu 10.10 Default wallpaper !!!!!!

Here it is the complete collection :


Aeg_by_Tauno_ErikBlue_box_number_2_by_orb9220Blue_by_ElSlunkoFern_by_aalex04[4]Mirada_Perduda_by_Marxicoli[3]Life_by_Paco_EspinozaCrocosmia_by_sirpecangumFeather_by_quinn.anyaLiquid_glass_by_matthileoMorning_II_by_Tadas_NSONY DSCRopey_Photo_by_Bob_FarrellSerenity_Enchanted_by_sirpecangumSpiral_by_fiЯasSmile_by_quinn.anyaWaterchain_by_Poje_MarioBubbles_by_JanneM[4]

To  download this collection please  Follow this Link

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