How to Change Hostname in opensuse 11/11.1


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A hostname (occasionally also, a sitename) is the unique name by which a network-attached device (which could consist of a computer, file server, network storage device, fax machine, copier, cable

modem, etc.) is known on a network. The hostname is used to identify a particular host in various forms of electronic communication such as the World Wide Web, e-mail or Usenet.

On the Internet, the terms “hostname” and “domain name” are often used interchangeably, but there are subtle technical differences between them.

There is 2 ways to change hostname in Openuse.

 First methode :

Go to yast admin control



Open and edit your hostname.

Try to edit the lines


now save and exit

now you have to change manually the file /etc/hosts and edit the

reboot and every thing will be Ok

The second methode :

  Go to network devices and then to network settings

There you have to edit Hostname./DNS



Ok. then reboot the PC and should be OK :)