Based on ubuntu 9.04 ,Ultimate Edition gamers 2.3 has been released

Based on ubuntu 9.04 ,Ultimate Edition gamers 2.3 has been released .Ultimate Edition Gamers 2.3 is a popular Linux distribution based on Ubuntu, brings to Linuxusers lots of pre-added games in a 3.8GB,downloadable DVD ISO image. Ultimate Edition Gamers 2.3 is definitely one of the most awaited and fun Linux operating systems.                

Ultimate Edition 2.3 Gamers has the following games pre-installed (see screenshot)


  • Airstrike

  • 3D Chess
  • Aisleriot Solitaire

  • Barrage

  • Blackjack

  • Boswars

  • Brutal Chess

  • BzFlag

  • Brutal Chess

  • Chess

  • Dream Chess

  • Five or more

  • Foo Billiard

  • Four-in-a-row

  • Freecell

  • Gbrainy

  • Glest

  • Gnometris

  • Gridwars

  • Hearts

  • Lango

  • Kslotski

  • Majongg

  • Mines

  • Nexuiz

  • Nibbles

  • Nimuh

  • Open Arena

  • Play On Linux

  • Robots

  • SameGnome

  • Sauerbraten

  • Snoballz

  • Suduku

  • Super Tux 2

  • Tali

  • Tetravex

  • Tremulous

  • Vetris

  • Warsow

Play on Linux included in this distro, which allows playing of windows games in a nearly seamless manner. Many additional Linux games available though Ultamatix tool also included in the distro. It uses the Ultimate Edition 2.4 theme pack, but is Jaunty based. 

Release Name: Ultimate Edition 2.3 GamerArchitecture: x86 (32bit)
Code base: Ultimate Edition 2.2 (Jaunty) upgraded
File size: 3.8 GB (4,049,158,144 bytes)
MD5SUM: dfed949027ff6c1702f3736e8ad2f2b6
Download: MAIN, University of Maryland, Unixheads, Linuxfreedom. Additional mirrors on the way.

Links :


  • LP

    yeah, that’s gamer’s choice. 10 flavors of tetris, 5 snakes and sudoku. that’s what we call gaming in 2009, not these windows lamers who play fallout 3, gta 4 etc
    lol man, made my day :D

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