Banshee 1.9.0 is released!


banshee 1.9 is released, this is a development release


Artist/Album Browser Track Actions

Track actions (play, queue, remove, delete, edit, properties) now work for the artist and album browser too! Right click an artist or album to act on it, or click an album and press ‘q’ to queue it.

‘Play After’ Queue Options

Want to listen to a track, album, or artist right after the playing track, album, or artist? The ‘Play After’ option will insert it into the queue to make it happen.

User Interface Improvements

Other Enhancements

  • Album grid has tooltips for ellipsized text
  • Subscribe to Internet Archive searches as podcasts
  • MusicBrainz cover art search supports CDBaby and Jamendo
  • Support Huawei Ideos Android phones

This release is not available yet in repositories, if you want to

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