Animated-Desktop-GUI- Use your favorite video as an animated Desktop or screensaver|Nautilus Script

Animated-Desktop make it easy to put your video screen as favorites and get your desktop animated or put your favorite screen saver.

Installation :

1- First you will need to have installed zenity, mplayer, unrar and rar, if are not installed in your computer try to install them using the command :

sudo apt-get install zenity mplayer unrar rar

2- Now download a-desk_v16-final_gnome.tar.gz and decompress it using the command :

tar -xvf a-desk_v16-final_gnome.tar.gz

3- Now cd the extracted folder and install the .deb file :

sudo dpkg -i xwinwrapcvs.deb

for 64 bit :

sudo dpkg -i xwinwrap64.deb

You can also install the package by clicking on .deb package.

4- Now execute a-desk-installerby clicking   “a-desk-installer” and then chose install.

You can find more here.

Usefull links :

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  • Bas

    I spent at least 1 hour trying to install that thing, finally it’s not working. Even if it was working from the whole instructions you feel that is created and destined for people less than 12 years old. Pleaaaase give us a break!!!! :evil:

  • Zinovsky

    Sorry to hear this. In which step you got the problem ? You can also check [url=]this link for more informations about the use of this script[/url] :)

  • Bas

    I apologise for my temper. In any case in the instructions after step 3 you have to continue alone in the woods. In the folder it’s created after unzip the file you can find a file with instructions contradicting the instructions given first hand. To use your own video file, it says something like go to line 14 and do this and that…and so on. In that case the file a-desk_EN inside bin directory for what reason is existing? and the Atomic_city.wmv is not working either. To get more, the videos included in, like: v.a.-desk.part01.rar etc are corrupted or they just don’t open. I’m sure it’s working finally but needs a whole day to install it and I don’t have so much time to dedicate for a script.

  • Zinovsky

    After your comment i tried the script on my Ubuntu and took me 2 hours to make this working. So i think that this script is not that easy like described by the author of the script. Any way this article will stay as informative for people that have want to try this:)

  • DarkSite
  • acidc00l

    Hey I am the creator of the script to-desk, thanks for this publication. Greetings!

  • acidc00l

    The new version is the latest, much easier to install and all errors Fixed. You can see on the official website posted on this message, click in my nickname and any questions can contact me. Thanks.

  • http://enteryoursiteURL... ZInovsky

    Thanks acidc00l. I will update this howto soon

  • acidc00l

    Ok thanks :D see u

  • acidc00l
  • snake

    There’s no way to download a-desk!