Access to Linux Ext2/Ext3 partitions from windows using Ext2Fsd


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If you are for example in windows machine and you want to access to your linux partitions, then you will need  Ext2Fsd ,an Open source ext2/ext3 file system driver for Windows (NT/2K/XP/VISTA, X86/AMD64).

Ext2Fsd  will give you acces to EXT2/Ext3  Linux  partitions  from the windows machine.


Features Ext2Fsd supports:

  1. ext2/ext3 volume reading & writing
  2. ext3 journal replay when mounting
  3. various codepage: utf8, cp936, cp950 …
  4. mountpoint automatical assignment
  5. large inode size: 128, 256, …
  6. large file size bigger than 4G
  7. OS: 2k, xp, vista, server 2008 (i386/amd64)

Features Ext2Fsd doesn’t support:

  1. ext3 journal support
  2. htree for directory entry management
  3. ext4 extent support
  4. LVM and Linux raid (md)
  5. NT4 is no longer supported.
  6. Win7 or server 2008 r2 support are uncertain.


Download Ext2Fsd from Sourceforge

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