Five useful plugins for Gimp

One of the big advantages of The GIMP is the fact that it can be easily extended with new functionality. So with sufficient addons (particularly plugins), you can achieve a lot of functionality found in other editors. Today i will show you 5 nice plugins for Gimp, – 1- Calendar Generator : Generate calendar with your photos 2- Paper Box Creator : Creates a new image with paper box pattern 3- Fibinacci spiral 4- Watermark : A hidden watermark to protect your photos. and last 5- autosave : Periodically saves any open files in the current GIMP instance.

1- Calendar Generator :

This plugin helps you to generate calendars with your pictures.
The code seems to be from 2008 but it still works fine in gimp 2.6.
Currently it can generate calendars with deutsch, english and catalan

Screenshot from mekelburger

Download Calendar Generator : script-fu-calendar.scm

2- Paper Box creator

This script creates a new image with paper box pattern. You need just print,

cut and paste together. Any entered text will be rendered on Box sides with optimal font size.

Script is installed into Filter/Utils/Paper Box creator.


Script dialog:

Download Paper Box Creator : kym-Paper-Box.scm

3- Fibonacci spiral

Converts a square or rectangular image into a Fibonacci spiral by making smaller copies of the image, rotating them, and arranging them into a spiral tiling. If the initial image is square, then the tiling has no overlap; for a rectangular image, the user can specify a blending mode for how the overlap is treated.

Download Fibonacci spiral :

4- Watermark

A hidden watermark to protect your photos.

First, create a watermark: File->Create->Photo Watermark

To Use:

1. edit your image
2. save your original edited image
3. apply a watermark: Images->Filter->Render->Photo Watermark
4. change opacity of the watermark layer and/or erase visible parts
5. save and upload your protected image

To View Watermark

1. open you original edited image (background)
2. open the image to be verified
3. layer mode to grain extract


Protected alterada

After grain extract

After Colors->Auto->Stretch Contrast

Full tutorial at:

Download Watermark : wm-text.scm

5- Autosave

Periodically saves any open files in the current GIMP instance.

Installs a menu under /File/Autosave, containing “Enable”, “Disable” and “Settings”. From the settings dialog, you can enable/disable autosave globally, set the interval in minutes, and configure the location and pattern for autosave files of new and saved files individually. You can also edit the “autosave.conf” file in the same directory as the plugin script. Requires libgimp-perl and gtk2-perl. There is the standard version (, and one that prints debug messages on almost every operation (

There are some considerations:

* Currently, only one running instance is supported (that is, enabling/disabling autosave will enable/disable it for all GIMP processes).
* Per-image enable/disable is not currently incorporated

* I’ve only tested it on GIMP 2.6.7 and 2.7 on linux. I’d appreciate it, if anyone used this on any other version/OS, if you’d let me know if i works as advertised
* I could find no reliable way for it to start working automatically, i.e., without you having to do extra, so you have to do one of three things:
o Whenever you start gimp, click File/Autosave/Enable
o Start gimp from the command line, or write a small wrapper script with the command gimp -b “(autosave 1)”
o Find gimp.desktop application file that your Desktop Environment use, and change the Exec=gimp %F (or gimp %U) line to Exec=gimp -b “(autosave 1)” %F (or gimp -b “(autosave 1)” %U)

Download Autosave :

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